VEE Creative Group is an Atlantic Canadian based design and marketing communications firm. We live and create exceptional design, innovative ideas, and add tremendous value for our clients. We develop strong client relationships with proactive, strategic thinking. Our people are about big ideas supported by great design.

We deliver thoughtful analysis, creativity, and an unrelenting obsession with greatness. We start with the brand challenge and then find the media and messages that best answer those challenges, never losing sight of your core brand objectives.What makes us different? Our unrelenting obsession with exceptional work and our individually-tailored approach to every clients’ needs. We listen. We don’t mistake ‘OK’ for good work. We are honest.?We believe in wonder. We believe in moving people. We are dependable. We are champions of great work.?We believe that regardless of the destination, it will be an awesome journey. In this business, that’s different.

? VEE CREATES BEAUTY — As a design-focused marketing and communications firm, our elegance,?style and attention to detail make us stand out. Marrying exceptional design with bold ideas is at the core of who we are.

? VEE IS THOROUGH — We sweat the details. Our clients’ needs and satisfaction is number one.?We listen. We provide strategic counsel. We deliver.

? VEE IS RESPONSIBLE — We believe in our surroundings, our people, our clients,?and the living environment.

? VEE IS HARDWORKING — We know every client is earned, every good day is earned. We earn trust – we are always ‘ON’.

Ads will not build your brand – not alone, that is. Advertising is an aspect of branding, but to grow a brand – to implant it positively and consistently in the mind of consumers – sustained conversations about experiences with your brand must occur. VEE believes in the power of social media conversations. We believe in the power of marketing PR to create buzz. We also believe in powerful, idea-driven communications that may be delivered through an advertising strategy. But we don’t believe in the traditional ad agency approach, pushing ads, ads, ads. We believe in the power of your brand and our ability to harness it.

The brand as beautiful

We are experienced specialists at creating beauty in brands. Our designers and writers are aesthetic rock stars who can create a compelling brand story where none existed before or make one that already exists all the more powerful. When VEE is done, yours will be a brand story that people will want to listen to over and over again.

Our Team


Creative Director

Marketing and brand-building are never far from Des Ryan’s mind. He captures creative lightning in a bottle then transfers it to the tip of his pen. He’s won his share of awards and moved the needle and the bottom line of many brands. His work works. He’s a wordsmith and a leading creative force who’s been plying his craft for over 20?years. And he never met a challenge that couldn’t be solved with time, teamwork and some good soul music. Des is a graduate of Memorial University and the CAAP Marketing Planning Program and has created high- profile advertising and brand positioning for clients such as Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Aliant, Toyota, St. John’s International Airport Authority, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, North Atlantic Petroleum and the Iron Ore Company of Canada. His awards for these and other clients include a Gold Bessie and Bessie Writing Craft Award, New York Festivals Gold, Mobius Gold, Ice and Ice Craft Awards, and recognition by Applied Arts Magazine.

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Bev has been in the marketing and communications industry as an award-winning designer and illustrator?for 20?years. Before VEE, Bev was Art Director with Virdis Place Branding + Design, Target Marketing and Bristol Communications – where she spearheaded the rebranding of the Orange Store – North Atlantic Petroleum’s retail outlets, the province of Nova Scotia, Eastern Waste Management, and others. With a multitude of marketing and communications experience, Bev is the designer behind our creative product. Her portfolio ranges from logos to web, from interior design to television, from packaging to social media?– Bev has done it all. Showcasing her skills as?lead designer on work for Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union, Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corp, Marine Atlantic and Steers Insurance. Whatever the design challenge, Bev will produce something amazing.

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