Targa Newfoundland

Is there a more beautiful place in the world than Newfoundland? The road racers that arrive here every year for Targa Newfoundland don’t think so. Newfoundland’s motorsports history goes... Read More »

Sauce Restaurant

New York City

Being a fanatic for all things wallpaper, it took me only seconds to fall in love with this brand. Sauce Restaurant is a casual, Italian-style eatery... Read More »

Ferrari Museum

Ferrari has long been synonymous with style, beauty and performance. Yet the man behind that brand, the late Enzo Ferrari, has been eclipsed in memory by his own creations.... Read More »

Johnny Cupcakes

Several locations in Massachusetts, LA and London, England

While in Boston I came across what is now one of my favourite retail spaces. The bakeries (or stores) are fun and... Read More »

Big Ice in The Big Land

Glaciers. The very word conjures an image of beauty, slowness and a bellweather for the climate change crowd. But even Newfoundland and Labradorians consider them distant, even remote from... Read More »

Curry Up Now

Driving past the Long Dick’s Sausage Emporium Food Truck on Duckworth Street last week reminded me of another eye-catching graphic food truck. Not too long ago I read online... Read More »

The Greatest Place on Earth

A couple of weeks back we had a look at a tourism campaign from our big neighbour to the south. Apparently, the campaign is causing some consternation among Canadian... Read More »

More Than You Can Chew?

When I first saw it the other night, I didn’t believe it at first. Was that a tourism ad for the USA? Talk about a scary place-marketing assignment. Scary... Read More »

Land of 1000 Boxes

I could be wrong, but I’m willing to bet most people don’t head to Stavanger Drive for its unique “Sense of Place”. In fact, I’m sure that many folks... Read More »

Vintage Garage Doors

As a vintage car guy I always wonder about what is behind someone’s garage doors. So what’s happened is my car fetish has spawned an offshoot ‘vintage garage door’... Read More »


Titanic Exhibit Right Ahead!!

Another of our favourite places is the JOHNSON Geo Centre. Seeing as this is the centennial anniversary of the tragedy, it’s natural to make the trek... Read More »

A Place for St. John’s – Part 1

Black Pearl Studio – Rotterdam

The second I came across this home/studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, I fell in love. A modern take on a traditional location. Developers in our... Read More »