Ferrari Museum

Ferrari has long been synonymous with style, beauty and performance. Yet the man behind that brand, the late Enzo Ferrari, has been eclipsed in memory by his own creations. The new Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy aims to change that.

Using space-frame technology – similar to how Ferrari’s own race cars were built – the architects have surrounded the old Ferrari family home and workshop with a stunning construct of metal roofing and rippling glazed glass. The yellow roof is striking from any distance? – though we had to ask ourselves “why yellow?” as the blood red Ferrari paint is a hallmark of the cars Enzo built. But, a small matter.

The “louvres” in the roof are quite automotive in look , yet function as huge vents for shafts of natural light to fall upon the beautiful 4-wheeled creations that await visitors inside.

All in all, a fine tribute to Enzo and a remarkable preservation of his original home and workshop.

Ah Ferrari, a beautiful car now has a beautiful place.

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