Vintage Garage Doors

As a vintage car guy I always wonder about what is behind someone’s garage doors. So what’s happened is my car fetish has spawned an offshoot ‘vintage garage door’ fetish. There’s just something more mysterious about vintage-designed garage doors that lends a rustic elegance to your property. You can make up all kinds of tantalizing stories in your head about what’s behind a vintage garage door. When you see a plain white steel roll-up door, it really doesn’t fuel the imagination the same way. These doors elevate the property-owner’s “place” in the minds of visitors and passers-by. Is it the finish? The hardware? The windows? It’s all of that. As an aside, I have included the Crawford ad here as a point in time – the explosion of 1950’s suburbia – where everything went wrong in garage-door–land.

Posted on May 31st, by Des in Design Crush.

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